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Organic Frozen sea buckthorn berries in bulk 12kg

Organic Frozen sea buckthorn berries in bulk 12kg


Frozen organic sea buckthorn berries from the August-September 2020 harvest. Packaging 12 kilos.


    No returns will be accepted


    Shipping frozen sea buckthorn products 

    Our frozen sea buckthorn berries are harvested and frozen quickly to maintain as many nutrients as possible. Our sea buckthorn juice is minimally processed and unpasteurized. For these reasons, the juice and the berries must remain frozen especially during transport.


    We pack all online orders inside insulated, refrigerated shipping containers  and only use 24 hour delivery to ensure you receive your order in a frozen state. Be sure to choose the correct shipping method when placing your order.


    We shipns high volume orders with a shipping company specializing in LTL and FTL shipments. Please contact us for a quote.


    theOnline orders of berries and juices can be shipped to your doorstep with FedEx Priority Express or regular if you are in a 24-hour delivery zone. We always recommend that you have someone available to receive your order of frozen sea buckthorn products.

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